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About Four Peaks Planning, Inc.

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Four Peaks Planning, Inc. (FPP) started in March 2004 with the goal of helping regular Arizona families create not only affordable last will & testaments but affordable living trust estate plans. Owner, Jamie Kahn, took the positive lessons learned while working at one of Arizona's largest estate planning firms and added a few additional measures to ensure quality and convenient planning.

Follow-up is essential in estate planning. With a living trust, desired assets must be transferred into the living trust before one's passing and it's easy for clients to procrastinate and forget these measures. FPP strives to keep in contact with all contacts to ensure the plan is functioning as intended. We also provide free assistance to those named as successor trustees, personal representatives and power of attorney agents of estate plans we have created.

Upon starting FPP, Jamie built successful relationships with local accountants, financial and insurance advisors around Arizona looking for an estate planner to complement their services. Referrals from these advisors are a large source of our business. The rest of FPP's business comes from our two organically top-ranked webpages and referrals from family and friends of existing clients. Because of our quality work FPP requires a minimal advertising budget, allowing us to pass savings along to our clients.

As a Certified Legal Document Preparer (CLDP #81353), FPP is licensed by Arizona's Supreme Court to prepare legal documents, such as living trusts, wills, power of attorneys and other estate planning documents without the supervision of an attorney. FPP cannot provide legal advice, however we can provide various options and educational tools for clients. If you would like to meet with an attorney, FPP has several attorneys to refer. You may schedule a free consultation with FPP and choose afterwards to work with an attorney.

FPP is active in the community, particularly with local schools, such as Hancock Elementary in Chandler and Las Sendas Elementary in Mesa, to raise money for music, art and other programs. FPP is a proud sponsor of the Arizona Highway Patrol Association's Christmas Bear Program throughout Arizona hospitals and clean water campaigns for CharityWater.org.

About Owner Jeremy (Jamie) Kahn

Jeremy Kahn (Jamie)
Estate Planner / Owner
AZ Certified Legal Document Preparer #81352
(480) 229-6220

Jamie was born in Fort Wayne, IN and raised in Milwaukee, WI. He attended the University of Wisconsin - Madison earning a Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry. The degree's heavy math and logic translate well to the Boolean logic, contingencies and probabilities that are a key part of estate planning. His parents teach college courses at various Wisconsin schools. Jamie's father practiced family law before moving into mediation.

Shortly after moving to Arizona in in 1999, Jamie joined a large estate planning firm in Scottsdale that provided estate planning, financial and insurance services. In 2004, Jamie started Four Peaks Planning, Inc. with the sole focus of estate planning. Jamie has been part of several area business development groups.

In his free time, Jamie has previously served on the Jr Board of Junior Achievement and as a volunteer youth basketball coach at the YMCA. Currently, Jamie is a youth soccer coach with Young Champions of America and a volunteer with Phoenix Philanthropists.

While getting to know each other, many clients have learned Jamie is an avid gardener and happy to share tips. In case his clients lose the notes they take, he recommends the book Square Foot Gardening by Mel Bartholomew, available at most bookstores; Baker Creek for fun and unusual non-GMO heirloom seeds; and these two planting guides for Maricopa County from the University of Arizona and Phoenix Gardening Calendar.


I am a State Farm agent. I have many customers that have a long overdue need to put their estate in order. Estate Planning, including a living trust, is NOT just for the more affluent. Most of my customers have average incomes and certainly need to complete their estate plan.

To date I have directed all of my clients to Jamie Kahn of Four Peaks Planning. He is professional and keeps the entire process simple. If you are wondering if you need an estate plan... you do! Contact Jamie to find out how easy your plans can be put into action.

-- Roger Morsch - Insurance Advisor, www.EastValleyIns.com, Chandler, AZ    (480) 855-4632

I have known Jamie for several years and know him to be a knowledgeable and professional estate planner. His detail and care in focusing on children and making sure assets are transferred into the trust is, by far, what makes him the person to handle my client's estates and financial needs. I also like the way Jamie becomes a great team member for my clients. I've seen him sit with couples and groups bringing an ease to a very uncomfortable subject for most - dying and money. All these reasons are why Jamie was my choice for an estate planner and for my family and friends.

-- Jerilyn L. Evans-Graff - Accountant and Owner, Evans-Graff, Inc., Mesa, AZ

Jamie is a very bright and exciting person to work with even though his line of work may be a bit opposite. My wife and I are clueless when is comes to drawing up a living will and a trust, and Jamie was able to explain it to us in a very straight-forward way... and didn't mind repeating his careful explanations when I still didn't get it. He seems very knowledgeable and is also very professional and organized with producing the final will and trust documents and was flexible with his scheduling in meeting with us at our home during each visit. I would recommend Jamie to my friends and relatives who haven't setup a living will or trust yet.

-- Jason Lim - Owner, Onsite One, Chandler, AZ

We used Jamie Kahn to help create our Living Trust. He was very thorough and took whatever time we needed to explain everything. When we first contacted him, we were not sure which direction to go in - we knew we wanted formal documents for our personal lives and protection, however, as a new start-up business, we were not familiar with all the options available to us. Jamie listened to our set-up and goals, and help construct a tailored plan that is exclusive to our needs and not a cookie cutter document. He has provided us with the several layers of protection we need, not only personally, but for our business as well. We have a great sense e of security knowing that the Trust in done. In addition, he has continued to follow-up with us and provided terrific networking contacts and opportunities. We really appreciate everything he has done for us! I would and do recommend Jamie Kahn to several of my friends and business contacts.

-- Sarah Fox - Co-Owner, Last Call Clean All, Chandler, AZ

My wife and I would like to thank you for an outstanding job you did on our trust. You made the whole experience very easy and explained every detail we had questions about. I especially liked the fact that even after you delivered the trust package you did several follow-ups to see how things were going. I have recommended your services to many of my friends and business associates and wish you continued success.

-- Kim and Ruth Ridgeway - Scottsdale, AZ

Thanks for doing such an excellent job working with my parents these past few weeks. It was not an easy thing for them to undertake as it gave them a reality check of death. But I thank God they did. It will be an easier task for us their children to face in due time. Your personal and professional approach had made it easy for them to finally accomplish this huge decision at this stage of their lives. Your gentle presentation of this sensitive topic and the simple language you used at the level of our understanding had been a tremendous help. God also taught me patience and gentleness to deal with my Dad, as he dragged the whole process. Thanks for easing his mind and spirit. Again, in behalf of my brothers and sisters, our warm-hearted gratitude for all you've done in drawing the revocable living trust, and any future support you will provide them. You're awesome! God bless!

-- Shirley Steen - Mesa, AZ

We didn't know for sure what would be their plans and this Revocable Living Trust will really give them a peace of mind and glad they did this. I know my dad was hesitant to do this and with your advice, he listened. I already told them long time ago getting a Living Trust but he has a different thinking. I'm really happy that my parents are getting a good financial planner and I know you're doing your best for them. I really appreciate your time & effort to explain it to them and to all of us. I appreciate your immediate response and nice meeting you while I was there.

-- Angelica Torres - Alameda, CA

I met Jamie at an estate planning seminar that Edward Jones was hosting and after hearing him talk about the importance of a trust and a will I knew I wanted to meet with him. I had a little trouble convincing my new husband and he was sort of set on just doing a will. I set up an appointment with Jamie and he was very accommodating to our hectic schedule. When he showed up at our home he did a fantastic presentation on why we needed both the will and the trust. My husband was convinced and was impressed with how sharp Jamie was. He covered all of the issues with us, and even helped diffuse a possible argument regarding dividing our assets. Again, in behalf of my brothers and sisters, our warm-hearted gratitude for all you've done in drawing the revocable living trust, and any future support you will provide them. You're awesome! God bless! Jamie is very detailed, organized and did exactly what he said he was going to do. I feel so much better now knowing that we took the time and invested the small amount of money Jamie charges to have some security for our kids if the need were to arise. I recommend meeting with Jamie and protecting yourself and your family!" How to contact: jtench2001@yahoo.com

-- Julie Varland - Chandler, AZ

Jamie was referred to me by a business colleague to help me with some insurances needs to ensure my young daughter's future was financially sound. He's also a good guy to hit some tennis balls around with on the weekends."

-- Harold Fischer - Owner, Chandler Custom Cycles Chandler, AZ

Mr. Jamie Kahn has done our Wills and Living Trust. I can't thank him enough for his professionalism, thoroughness, attention to detail and walking my wife and I throughout the process. I highly appreciate his services and recommend him to anyone whom has not done his or trust and will.

-- Cameron and Shannon Eghlimi - Scottsdale, AZ

I first met Mr. Kahn at a local dog park early in the morning (7 AM) so I know he is an early riser and likes to get a good jump on the day's work. He is not pushy like most people in this line of work so you have time to think about your decisions and understand what it is you are trying to accomplish. He has a very pleasant personality and is easy to get to know. Mr. Kahn has had many years experience in doing living trusts and seems to know it inside and out. The presentation booklet he provides allows you to thoroughly understand the trust, how it works, and he provides you with a list of the things you need to do to make it work properly. He also tailored my retirement funds to mesh perfectly with my envisioned future lifestyle. Mr. Kahn is always available to answer any questions you have and he also has contacts with many other people in other professions which we found to be of great help. We know we saved a great deal of money on the living trust as we compared prices with others offering the same product. I would have no hesitation in recommending Mr. Kahn to anyone in need of estate planning.

-- Tom & Carrie Traylor - Gilbert, AZ

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